Connect your Slack community and teams at events to deepen their relationships

eventhub is a Slack app for thriving communities and companies. Let your community and teams discover events and attendance in Slack. Help them to meet up in real-life.

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The Problem

Are you managing a community or company on Slack?

This Slack App is what you have been waiting for!

Your members are attending industry events, share this with other community/company members, and ask if others will attend, too. Members try to leverage events as an opportunity to meet other members in real life (or virtually), network within the community, and strengthen their relationships.

But Slack is not great to facilitate these meetups at events:

The Solution

Get rid of unstructured conversations to organize meetups at events and conferences

Slack messages get lost quickly. There is no way to search for events that community and company members are attending. There is no place where you see in a structured way who is attending which event, if there are interesting events with team members giving a keynote, or events being organized by team members.

But here comes the solution:

Install the eventhub Slack App.
Let your members join your eventhub.
Enable your community and members to...

Add new external or internal events they will organize, speak at, or just attend.

Explore interesting events and conferences other members will attend.

Align with all attending members on a meeting time and point at the event.

Discuss everything related to an event in a structured way.

And all of that without leaving Slack!

For all kinds of in-person and virtual events.

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The Result

Communities and companies thrive when their members connect, deeply.

Events are an amazing platform to bring your community and team members together in person, strengthen and deepen their relationships, and build trustful bonds.